What The Hell?

Why is it the longer I live, the more retarded other people get? It’s not only regular people, it’s everyone. I haven’t seen it lately, but what the fuck is up with Gain detergent using the word gooder in a commercial? Let’s totally fuck the language here and make a stupid commercial.

Then there are the idiots making products we don’t need. Dawn dish soap with Oil of Olay lotion in it… we don’t need this shit. I don’t want lotion all over my dishes. If your hands dry out because you are washing dishes then either wear gloves or put on some lotion when you’re done. How lazy are we in this country that we can’t open two separate bottles. Hell, if I have to open the cap on my dish soap, I’m surely not going to have the energy to pump lotion into my hands… and forget rubbing it in.

Our attention span is so short, possibly from information overload. I know this was a little over a month ago, but does anyone remember all the dead birds and fish? Yeah, that’s what I figured. Everyone was crying apocalypse and government cover-ups and UFO’s not too long ago, but oh shit, Lindsey Lohan steals something and that is our new attention grabbing item for this month. What a bunch of shit that is. No wonder I hate the news, if it isn’t getting them ratings then it isn’t worth their time. Fucking sellouts.

Speaking of sellouts, when is Facebook going to crash and burn? MySpace is in trouble already, possibly going down, and I feel Facebook will follow. MySpace started as some site to promote your band, and then a bunch of people jumped the wagon and decided they wanted to be on there as well. Then… and this was the beginning of the end; it got commercialized. Suddenly every movie coming out and every new product had a MySpace account and wanted you to join them there. The over commercialization of anything will kill it. Once the big money started coming into MySpace, then it started to really suck ass and people began to bail. Now Facebook is heading down that same path. What started out as some shitty college idea to bang chicks and spy on everyone on campus grew to this giant network of people and now has sold out and is now on its decline… and may I add; good riddance.

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