Wednesday, August 28

Let’s talk baseball shall we? Now I don’t really watch it or follow it, but you’d have to be blind and deaf to have not heard about it on TV. I think the only strike that should happen in baseball is when the batter is too busy looking at some girls tits in the crowd and misses the ball.

Fox is paying major league baseball about $340 million this year (quoted from 340 Million?? What’s the fuckin problem here? It all boils down to certain players aren’t going to get the money they feel they deserve. I do wish someone would explain to me why someone who goes and plays a game deserves a million dollar payroll. You should be lucky to get a clean uniform and a nut cup.

In case if Bud Selig can’t take care of this matter, I do have my own proposal. Get all the teams together, give em all bats, and let em take care of each other. The last 20 that are standing, they can get the $1 Million each. There’s a fuckin’ World Series for ya!