The iMac Dilemma

So for the past year or so I’ve been entertaining the idea of buying myself a 27″ Apple iMac. It all started when I bought the iPad for myself back in October of 2012. I still love using that and I followed it up by joining the millions of iPhone users in May of 2013. Of course every time I hit Best Buy I’m in the computer section playing with the Apple products.

I still am not sure why I haven’t purchased it yet, I am pretty sure it isn’t if but when. When I was younger I once spent over 3,000 on a computer that outdated after the first boot up. My current computer is a little over 6 years old now and it hasn’t lost much of its ability. That is the sad thing about being a “Responsible Adult”, I can make better cases to not buy than to buy. I think the deciding factor will be that I am not impressed with Windows 8 at all. I’ve owned every version of Windows so far going back to the times that DOS was the way to go. I hated ME and wasn’t really impressed with Vista at all. I just know that with them it is same shit, different OS.

I’m just hoping that someday soon I can say I’m posting a blog entry from my new iMac. If not for any other reason than typing on an iPad kinda sucks.

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