Sorry Mac, I went with Windows

Well, I decided this year that instead of getting the iMac that I wanted, I would go with windows instead. No, not shitty operating system Windows 8.1, but actual windows in my house. I have very old Andersen windows in my house that are no longer practical for things like keeping heat in during the winter or out in the summer. I don’t know what year these were built but they are awning windows and the opener pre-dates the crank. There is just a three piece bar that you unfold, then push out. So I dropped about four grand on new vinyl windows that are just currently sitting in my garage. No I am not going to install these myself, I do have a contractor. My number one rule of house fixing is that I do not do anything with holes that go to the outside of my house. One of those rules is because what connects the inside to the outside of your house is kind of important and should be done professionally. The other reason is that although I’m handy, I’m also lazy and there is a good chance that I would have a huge hole in my house for quite a few days before the project gets completed. Where did I leave off? Oh yes, why are four thousand dollars worth of windows just sitting in my garage instead of being installed in my house? Lazy contractor you ask? Nope, shitty supplier that fucked up the original order when it was sent in. All windows are off by at least two inches and two that are supposed to be the same exact type of window are different. One is an insert that I need, albeit wrong size, and the other has a nailing flange which can’t be use. Lucky me, I get to have a bunch of windows that I can’t use hang out in my garage like a lazy brother in law until the new ones arrive.

What else is going on since I haven’t touched this blog since the end of February? Obviously nothing too exciting or I would have probably posted it on here. I am looking at getting a new vehicle. When I say new vehicle I mean new to me, not new off the lot. I have only bought one new vehicle off the lot and that was because I was 19 and stupid. Now that I’m 40 I realize that I have only owned seven cars my whole life; I know people that do that in ten years. So I’m looking around for something different and in Wisconsin I definitely want to keep my 4WD capabilities, especially after the winter we were dealt last year. I think I’m due for a new one, but I think I could feasibly get another year off what I have now, as long as it doesn’t fall completely apart. It should be fine provided I don’t hit any bumps. I will most likely wait until I have my windows and contractor completely paid off before I think of getting a new car, and as good as my window supplier is, that will probably be 2016.

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