Oh Weather Channel

Oh Weather Channel, you crack me up. Let me start by saying I do not have DirecTV and I still have The Weather Channel in my house. I have Charter Cable, which can be a whole blog of its own, just ask me about how pissed off I am about the whole FXX rollout someday…

Apparently The Weather Channel and DirecTV had some sort of dispute and either DirecTV dropped them or The Weather Channel pulled out of their deal. Whatever happened, anyone with DTV is no longer getting TWC. I do follow TWC on Facebook for some reason, most likely I was slightly drunk one night and needed to ‘like’ some stuff more like I was a teenage girl.

TWC has had an onslaught of pleas with people to drop their DTV because they are no longer featured there. That is fine in and of itself, but they are doing it in a dumbass way. They are coming out saying that so many people will be in danger without TWC to provide them potentially life saving weather updates. Really? Are you fucking kidding me about that? Last time I looked there were still radio stations weren’t there? What about local news channels providing live local weather coverage? What about that device that damn near everyone seems to carry around on them at all times? It’s like a computer, it can message you when there is bad weather, you can watch live weather on it… oh yeah, a fucking cell phone. The way I see it, nobody is anymore danger from the weather because they can’t see TWC then you are in danger of being catfished because you can’t see MTV.

Let’s mention the other big part of this whinefest… reality TV has destroyed another channel. MTV isn’t about music, TLC isn’t about learning, and TWC isn’t about weather. They would rather show you Coast Guard Alaska, or Prospectors or some other bullshit reality TV show than the weather… although to be honest, can you really fill 24 hours a day with weather? I’d rather sort my sock drawer.

Even though I still have TWC, I hardly ever watch it. In the summer when I am experiencing some awesome severe weather, I’m certainly not watching TWC. I’m in my basement with my TV on local weather channels, I have my iPad on checking out radar loops and I’m listening to my police scanner. Do you know when I am watching TWC? It is when some town far away from me is being destroyed by storms and they are showing live coverage either via storm chaser or local news affiliates. I don’t want to see that if you ever covered my area. Wow, that tornado is going right for that house, hey that looks like my car parked in front of that house… oh shit.

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