I Hate TV

I was excited to see the new show “Breaking Amish” until I realized it wasn’t a spinoff of “Breaking Bad”. They’ve been talking the end of the world for.a while now, I would say the Amish having their own reality show is a sure sign of the appocolypse; not that Honey Boo Boo isn’t.

Hey on a positive note with these remaining few months before the world doesn’t end, I may actually blog more. This iPad is pretty slick, I can take it anywhere. That means I can write a blog while taking a shit if I wanted to… Get that image out of your head now. In fact, if I ever write a bunch of blogs in one day, you may be thinking either he’s really inspired or he ate at Taco Bell today.

So far almost a week in I only have one complaint about it, it makes me hate my so called smart phone. If I’m at work and want to look at something on facebook I turn on my phone now and I find myself thinking wow, what a piece of shit you are phone. I often find myself swearing at inanimate objects, it makes me feel like a real man. Sometimes I’ll go to peel a banana and it isn’t quite ripe enough so the peel splits and you only get that first layer off and I’m like fuck you banana.

Maybe I should get my own reality show.

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