I Blame You Groundhog

My snow banks are about 2 1/2 feet deep and my old pal the groundhog says we have 6 more weeks of this shit? To be realistic, even if it didn’t snow again until October, it would take another 2 months to melt what we have. Either way, I blame that furry little bastard.

Hey, it’s February already. You know, in the old days I would have been bitching about all of the stupid stuff I would be selling in retail. Although I still don’t know what stuffed gorillas and singing hamsters represent aside from shitty gift giving abilities; I could care less.

What else has been going on with my boring ass life? Not a whole hell of a lot. My projects that were necessary are done & I’m down to doing things for fun. I purchased a Kreg Jig & I am experimenting with that. Hoping to make storage units for all my tools… But we’ll see what my lazy ass actually pulls off.

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