Goodbye 2018

What a year… hopefully 2019 will see a decrease in the amount of asshole people. I suppose we would need a huge natural disaster for that to happen though, because they certainly won’t change on their own. Just read any comments on Facebook or Twitter and you’ll see what I mean. When I say any comments, I mean any… obviously political stuff will have a ton of stupidity on it. I do wish people would quit treating politics like it is a football game though. Don’t get so excited that your side won or pissed that your side lost because in the grand scheme of things it really doesn’t matter, just like football.

Go to any post online about cooking, especially something like a dessert. You’ll have your normal commenters saying that looks good, then the trouble makers show up. First are the people wanting to know if they can change ingredients… well yes you can Susan, this isn’t a commandment, it’s a fucking recipe. Go ahead and substitute whatever shitty ingredients you want since you can’t handle the original ingredients. The next commenters that show up are going to criticize this page for putting up this recipe saying that people are too fat and there is nothing healthy about this recipe. Now I agree baking a chocolate cake and then filling it with 30 candy bars, burying it in hot fudge and covering it with frosting might not be healthy, but do you really need to state the obvious? I’m looking at you Carol.

Any post that has a video of animals will get so many comments. Once again you will get your positive comments and likes… then the ensuing shit storm begins. People will begin to claim that you can tell that animal has been abused because of how it acts in the video and you shouldn’t be laughing at it… well holy shit Jim, I didn’t realize that you got your veterinary license in video diagnosis. Perhaps you should start dating Carol from up above, you two would make a great couple.

The comment section as a whole are full of jacks of all trades and masters of none, and here are my two cents. – ok, side note here: I can bitch and moan about anything I want to, including bitching about other people bitching, because I am paying for this website – Everyone wants to have their opinion out there and I’m not sure why. Is it a “Look at Me” thing, do they think their comment makes some difference, it really doesn’t make sense to me and I’ve been doing this internet thing for over 20 years.

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