Give Me an L, Give Me an A, Give Me a… fuck it, I’m Watching TV

So, the busyness continues, yet so does the lackluster ability to give a shit and the wanton need to sit around and do nothing. This leads me to believe that I am the busiest lazy person you may know.

My patio door is in, but now I need to put a door in the back of the garage. It’s not that I really need a back door there, but since I have seamless steel siding on my house, it will take up the space that the old door did so I don’t have to reside the entire house. All of this is completely planned out in my head, but isn’t done. There is also the matter of building the deck, but that can’t be done until this door and siding project is done. That means that I have to get my ass off the couch once in a while and do it. Finding the motivation to get to the end of this project is becoming very trying. Where are those assholes from HGTV or the DIY Network that show up and do this shit for you? You can record it, I don’t care… just fix it.

My plan is to do this stuff over the weekend, however I don’t know since it may rain again this weekend. You know, rain, like it has been doing since yesterday.
There is also the matter of my left wrist injury. I probably shouldn’t’ call it an injury since I can’t pinpoint when I would have hurt it. I just know when I do certain things like write or type that it hurts like hell. Luckily it only hurts from the start of the ring and pinky finger down to the wrist and then shoots up the arm when I twist it wrong. That is very awesome.

I’m sure I could type more shit, but really, what’s been going on around here? Oh that’s right, we shot Osama. I say we because it makes me feel like part of the team, although all I did was sit on the couch relaxing and then partially freaking out when it’s announced the president is going to make a special announcement late on a Sunday… holy shit, bombs are coming, time to get wasted. Of course almost 2 weeks later and we still hear about it every day. I try not to read about it too much though; I can’t take the news sites. Not because of the news itself, but because of all the idiots that comment on the stories. Today while I was supposed to be working I stumbled over to Fox News . There is an article over there all about how the White House invited rapper Common over. Wow is that a shit storm of controversy all of the sudden. However, I didn’t see any mention of when George HW Bush invited Eazy E to the White House back in 1991. You know Eazy E, a member of the group NWA, with the controversial song Fuck the Police? Really… what the fuck FOX?

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