TV Violence

tvviolFACT: TV is a major influence on your children and their development into adults, however you as a parent have the right and hopefully the will to shut the damn TV off and spend quality time with your kids instead of letting them waste away and destroy their minds on something as worthless as Pokemon.

What would America be if we didn’t have someone to blame for everything? Every time something happens they blame it on everything but the person. If a kid shoots a bunch of people in school, they want to know what movies they watch, what music they listen to, and what video games they play. I have listened to some of the most violent and sexual lyrics out there, watched the shoot ’em up movies and guess what? I haven’t shot anyone. So when one of these kids do wrong, they blame it on the media and my favorite….they’re emotionally unstable – well no shit Sherlock. I would say the kids in the back of the class doing the body carvings should be looked at before they kill half the football team. Back when I was in school they put all the crazy bastards in their own room, and guess what? No one got shot.

Now back to the media. Am I to understand that bad things happen because of the music we listen to? Are you going to tell me that Saadam Hussein listens to Marilyn Manson? NO…. he’s just an evil bastard. What’s next, blame homosexuality on the Backstreet Boys? Do you want to know what the most violent thing is I have ever seen on TV? The NEWS!!! I live in Wisconsin, do I really need to know that some freak went nuts and killed 20 people in Georgia? NO. Do I need to know that a couple worthless social misfits killed a bunch of their classmates in Colorado? NO. Let’s face it, they aren’t reporting it, they are sucking it for ratings. Look at the terrorist attacks in New York. Did we really need round the clock coverage on this? A month later and CNN still has a hard on over the story. Jesus Christ, give it a rest. I’m sorry these people died but we do not need around the clock coverage on these events. Let me break it down for you. I see someone get killed in a movie, I know that is fake and how they did it even, I see someone get killed on the News, that shit is real. The news scares me honestly. If I didn’t know there were all these wack-jobs wandering the Earth out there I might actually feel safe. Thanks to my local news and not to mention CNN, I can see a violent act committed at the top of every hour. Knowing that there are that many crazy people out there makes me want to go out and buy a gun…for safety of course. Okay, I will admit there is a little problem with Television these days. The problem is that it is always on. It is America’s little pacifier. If you can’t sleep you can turn on the box and watch something. You want news? There are a handful of 24 hour news channels to choose from. Want weather? There is a 24 hour channel for that. Sports? Got you covered there too, shit ESPN alone has at least three channels of their own. And hey, how about cartoons? 24 hours a day of cartoons. I personally get a kick out of some of these cartoons, however I’m 28 and I know it’s just a cartoon, unlike my 8 year old counterpart. There is an old saying about quantity vs. quality. This is extremely evident when watching some of the cartoons these days – quantity is definitely the ruling factor here. When your child is running around talking like Ed, Edd, and Eddy you will probably get what I mean. A child’s mind is like a can of Play-Doh. You can mold it into whatever you want to, therefore I do believe that Television can have a small influence on that molding also, which is why you as the parent need to shut off the TV and be the influencing factor in your child’s life. Remember, any show that has it’s own action figure probably isn’t at the top of the “quality TV” list.

Now if you only listened to the news you would think that our schools are worse than our prisons. The only time I see a school on the news is when some kid takes his dads’ gun instead of his Ritalin. So you ask am I blaming the news? No I’m not blaming anyone. I would like to see a little less coverage on these events but who am I to ask. I think if someone is really affected by something they hear or see from an entertainer then they really need a little reality check. Hollywood is fake, deal with it. Your problems are real…deal with them.

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