tipsYou know: we here at aren’t all about bitching and laughing; and when I say we, I mean me. In fact we are also here to help you. That is why you are at the newest portion of the website.

In this section I am extending some of my wonderful wisdom to the readers, trying to help you out in certain situations you might come across in life. This is the tips section of the page. Consider it a community service that I am now providing… hopefully the judge will buy that.

I decided that the page needed some more depth to it, and instead of just bitching and joking, I needed to get a little practical. Since Martha Stewart is now an ex con and Heloise is going senile, you will need someone to turn to for those everyday things you need help with.

On the right  side of the page are the different subjects I offer tips on. To view any of them, click on them and read. See, I just offered you a tip on how to view my tips. I should really start charging for this shit.

Here’s another quick Tip: don’t wipe your ass with sandpaper… even 800 grit.