Pissed Off

pistJust by the name of this site it must be obvious that there are things out there that piss me off. Most people just bitch about the big things, like when that sewage truck tipped over in your front yard. Me, I bitch about everything, here’s a sampling of a few things that piss me off.

  • Clowns – just plain fucking creepy… Hey Bozo, why don’t you make a dick out of that balloon and go fuck yourself?
  • Taxes – What exactly is the point here?
  • The Plastic seals on the DVD’s you buy. Do we really need one on all three sides?
  • Why is the eject button on a DVD/CD ROM underneath the door? It’s a bitch to close (No I don’t like pushing it shut.)
  • People who have to dig out exact change in front of me in line at the store.
  • Cats. They just don’t give a shit. You’re sad, dog is sad. You’re sad, cat don’t give a shit.
  • K Mart brought the Blue Light Special Back.
  • Reality TV Shows. Does your life suck that bad that you have to watch this shit?
  • The over commercialization of Holidays.
  • When someone makes a real cool product and everyone and their brother has to copy it.
  • That occasional dark chunky unidentifiable piece in your cereal.
  • Couples who’s children’s names all start with the same letter. These are the same people that name their cat “Kitty”.
  • That professional driver on closed course disclaimer on all car commercials; that’s fine if they are doing some dangerous stunt, but if they’re just fuckin’ driving give it a rest.
  • The Herpes Medicine Commercials. Imagine being, or even just looking like the people in the commercial. There’s a real awkward “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” conversation.
  • Saving the lives of prisoners. What the fuck is that about? If Johnny the murderer is dying of cancer, good, fuck him. Now we won’t have to waste the money on the lethal injection.
  • The lengthening of life. Although the thought of death is not one I care to think of, sitting in a nursing home breathing off a machine and shitting myself daily isn’t one I care to think of either.
  • Being politically correct in sports. All these people that want the names of teams changed because they are offensive to Indians. What’s next? Is PETA going to go after the teams named after animals?
  • People who drive around with their fucking gas doors open on their cars.
  • People who can’t tell a joke. I expect this in kids, but any adult that says “wait, let me start over” needs to be beaten severely.
  • That crusty hard white stuff around the lid of the milk jug that falls off when you take the cap off.
  • The volume on my TV. One notch down I can’t hear the sunofabitch and one notch up my neighbors are calling in a noise complaint.
  • When there is a sitcom on you saw once and kind of liked so you turn it on, and it just happens to be the same exact episode you saw 4 months ago.
  • People that say, “Can I ask you a question?” I say “Yes you did” and walk away.
  • When you are watching a movie with someone and they are like… You have to watch this part. Well what the hell else would I do? Good thing you told me to watch this part, I was just about ready to break out a crossword puzzle.
  • Products that compare themselves to shit they shouldn’t. Larger sizes of a product that says 50% more…… than the smaller size. Well no fucking shit, are we that stupid in this country that we need to be reminded the bigger bottle has more in it than the small bottle?

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