Saturday, October 19

What a wonderful week. I am off work this whole week! Can ya tell I am so happy not to be working this week? I am going to job hunt this week, and hopefully find a new job and get out of my old job completely, probably without notice. Oh well, fuck em.

Had some kind of sinus infection thing going on from Tuesday to Thursday, so I was hardly on here, didn’t do any page work on either site. I have been playing around a little bit, but have nothing online yet, and probably won’t until mid week sometime.

Bought the new Uncle Kracker CD No Stranger to Shame today, sounds pretty good so far.

Tuesday, October 15

What in the hell is wrong with the East Coast? Terrorists, snipers, anthrax, damn… does it never end?

Guess I will cross that off my list of places to go.

I am working on a new page, so I will probably be ignoring this one for awhile. I will try to blog when I can and whatnot, but won’t be adding any new pages for sometime. The new page is a 3rd Bass fanpage. Located here, check it out and see my progress.

Friday, October 11

Had a kid in today, well maybe in his late teens, ask me for some hydrocortisone cream because sometimes he gets “like burns” between his legs. Wow, ya know, right after that I need hydro part, I was fine. No explanation needed Bucky.

Got off early again today, mowed my lawn. From the time I got home til an hour or better after I was done, my neighbor mowed his lawn. Actually he had on the bagger and was mulching/sucking up his leaves to put in a bag. He did this repeatedly trying to get all the leaves out of his yard. Why are people so damn anal about leaves in their yards? It’s fucking October. I could see if it was July, but its fall, that’s what the leaves do this time of year. Do you not think there will be more there tomorrow? There will be. Lots of them. In fact, I will purposely go outside and shake my trees tonight in hopes some of the leaves fly into his yard!

Wednesday, October 9

Almost a week, oh well.

Got off work early today, that place is going to hell real fast.

Why is it that sick people seem to think I can tell them what to take? Come up to me coughing and spewing out germs asking me what should I take? Well, for starters you should take your sick ass the hell away from me.

Am I sick? No, and I don’t intend on getting sick either.

Second, do I look like a doctor? Go ask someone in the pharmacy, they get paid to know that shit. If you ask me, you might end up dying from an OD or something. Take Sudafed. No, not just one, the whole box… fucking people.

Thursday, October 3

Woke up this morning, and there was a new message on my cable box. When you get a message on the box, you have to go into the menu and select message and hit enter to read it.

Guess what the message was?

It was a message telling us how to get our messages from the cable box. What the fuck?

Who in the hell thought of this? If I know how to get my messages, then WHY THE FUCK DO I NEED INSTRUCTIONS? And if I don’ t know how to get them, the message isn’t going to do me any good, BECAUSE I WOULDN’T KNOW HOW TO GET IT!! And these are the same people that make out my bill.

Tuesday, October 1

Only 23 more days til my birthday. Just thought I’d give you all a heads up in order to avoid late presents.

I put my first flash thing on my page. It is not what the finished product will look like, but isn’t bad considering I have only had about 4 hours of practice.

Job still sucks, don’t expect it to get any better. Hopefully something better will come along soon. I can’t take too much more of this shit.

Sunday, September 29

Wow, Sunday. What the hell happened to the weekend anyway? Back to lovely work once again tomorrow. Can’t wait. Oh yes I can.

I have recently acquired Macromedia Flash, so I will be toying around with that later on, and hopefully getting good enough at it to put some cool stuff on my pages.

My life is pretty boring lately, in case you haven’t noticed. Went to a birthday party today, but other than that, not much happening here.

Tuesday, September 24

It’s Tuesday! Big fuckin’ whoop. I touched up my homepage a little bit. Just sorta a facelift. Got rid of a couple somewhat dead links and added a new one “cliches”. This is all those old cliches that your parents and grandparents used your whole life. I basically just look at them and in my own way… tear them apart.

Saturday, September 21

Woke up this morning around 1am to hear loud bangs outside and some punk teenagers talking. When I looked outside I noticed that the mailbox was missing. Now this is not some cheapo mailbox, it’s one of those heavy duty Rubbermaid all in one boxes. So it was not where it belonged, although I did spot it in the yard. I called the police and got to stand in my yard at 1:30am and talk to them and retrieve my mailbox. Don’t you just love teenagers? My only sense of satisfaction in this whole thing is knowing that they are probably a couple of worthless loser teenage boys that have no future in life. They probably are either neglected or abused at home and will be in jail by the time they are 18. They will never have a decent job and probably spend the rest of their ignorant loser lives in and out of the slammer, and living off welfare when they aren’t in jail.


My tax dollars.


Friday, September 20

Just think, if baseball players would have went on strike, we never would have gotten to see two of the biggest hicks I’ve ever seen on TV. Father and son, and probably brothers too, attacking the first base coach. What in the hell was that all about anyway? This is a definite sign that we need to add some more chlorine to the gene pool.