MTV Sucks

mtvIt’s been over four years since I first wrote this and I guess there will be no going back. MTV still sucks the big one just like it did back then, the only difference is that I get M2 now, which is more like the MTV of old, but still, MTV has consumed and commercialized itself already, and can’t be saved now. Shit, VH1 is more cutting edge lately. I also need to thank MTV for giving us The Real World way back when, so now I have to endure over 40 hours a week of reality TV. Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race, etc… Hey, thanks fuckers.

You know, I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I should with all the channels I get. I can get news 24 hours a day, weather, sports, cartoons and music videos. Well maybe not. MTV – Music Television, the name alone suggests that it has something to do with music; well not whenever I turn it on. Every time I turn on MTV I get treated to a Real World marathon. Now no offense to the five genetic rejects that not only have to live with the other four, but have to do it on camera… if I want to see the Real World, I’ll watch CNN. You would think that in this age of short attention spans, the video would be all the rage. I can only think of two shows on MTV that I used to like that weren’t video related, those being Beavis & Butthead and Remote Control.

So having freedom of choice, I turn the channel and come back later. Now, when I turn on my Music TV again I’m treated to Celebrity Death Match Now although entertaining, it’s definitely not a music video. Well Death Match was a marathon also. So it’s about 10pm now, videos must be next right? WRONG…. now I get Love Line. Um, ok… Adam’s funny so I guess I’ll watch this for a while ’til my videos come on. As I sit back dozing off due to MTV’s lackluster lineup I occasionally wake up. The next few hours go like this… Sleeping – eyes open up – 2 fucking socks talking … back to sleep. Open eyes – weird animation – close eyes, sleep again. Open eyes again – the news – close eyes quickly fall asleep again. Open eyes – a video – close ey………. HOLY BALLS!!! A video!!!!!!!! I jump up and repeatedly pinch myself to assure my mind that I’m not dreaming. As I look at the clock I realize its now 2am. So if you want to see a video on MTV (I thought the M stood for Music) you need to stay up until 2am to do so. This is something that really irritates me. I am starting to notice a few more video related shows on here and there. However, MTV needs to realize that a true music video fan does not want to see a bunch of rejects talking over the video about what they like about this artist and their video. I also don’t need to see some drive up window reject introducing videos. Do you know when MTV took a dive? It started as soon as they began having a news segment. They were supposed to be a video channel and they began taking themselves way too seriously. That was one of the first blows. The final blow came to MTV during the famous “VJ Contest”. When that freak show Jesse Camp won, I think I turned MTV off for a good year. I never thought anyone could make Paulie Shore look normal.

I remember back when MTV first began and the ad campaign they had… well just so they know… “I Want My MTV” again.


  1. Now it is, when this was first written though YouTube, Vevo and the likes did not exist yet. Most television is now irrelevant.

  2. Mtv is the only channel I get mad and curse at lol cause it used to be awesome. ..I wish they’d go out of business

    1. Since MTV departed from playing music videos ,I think it is time for another music channel to step up and take over where MTV left off. I think people still want a channel that caters to its music fans. Forget about U Tube, Justin and the hip hoppers.

  3. I just watched 2017 awards…. some who knows half irritate wtf supporting Kupernick, like the NFL I’m done

  4. no way, they do not have anything worth watching, I looked up rock and it showed some crap shoit. not rock. hey have sucked up toi the money system . and have left the greatest music of all time behind. fuck you mtv!!

  5. I remember this one song – and I apologize in advance – which went along the lines of, “Weeee’re the Fuckers! *ba boom* And we don’t care what you think; we’re gonna burn it all down! *dee dee doop* We’re the Fuckers! *ba donk* And you’d best get your shoes out of a knot!” That right there. It describes perfectly the MTV of yesteryear. Poor quality trash, low quality “muzak” that would make a dentist’s office blush. Fuck ’em all.

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