I Hate You

hateHave you ever known someone that did something annoying and for no major reasoning, you just hate them. Well if you let the little things bother you too long, then the person just gets on your nerves by breathing. In order to let out the frustration, here is my list.

  • That little piece of snot that keeps going in and out of your nose when you breathe.
  • You eat Tofu, and enjoy it.
  • Your insistence on driving 25MPH, even on the highway.
  • The need to make up ‘wrestler names’ for all your friends.
  • You have names for your farts.
  • You floss your teeth; once an hour.
  • You refer to plaque as ‘the cavity creeps’.
  • You look like Mr. Ed when you chew gum.
  • Your constant humming of ‘We are the World’.
  • Your $5,000 phone bill to psychics.
  • You sing ‘Bad Boys’ EVERY TIME you see a cop.
  • You say ‘Word’ every time I complete a sentence.
  • You always unroll too much toilet paper, then try to roll it back up.
  • You keep calling your pager with your cell phone, just to make sure it is still working.
  • You drive around the block 10 times just to make sure your garage door stayed closed.
  • The $900 stereo system in your car, and you listen to talk radio.
  • Every time your holding a pitcher of Kool-Aid, you have to scream ‘Ohhh Yeahh’.
  • That time at the buffet you decided to test out the sneeze guard.
  • You have 200 ring tones for your cell phone, but nobody ever calls you.

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