fnnyEveryone needs some humor in their life. If you go through life without laughing, then you haven’t lived. This whole world is uptight. We are the freest country in the world, but everyone walks on pins and needles when they talk. You can’t say shit because that wouldn’t be politically correct or it might offend someone. Well fuck them. Nobody is safe from my sense of humor. Black, White, Crippled, Retarded, Republican (oh wait, I already said retarded); anyway you’re all equal as far as my cynical attitude is concerned on this site.

Another thing is that we always have this terrorism shit to worry about. Take a day off from CNN, turn on Comedy Central and laugh a little. Just quit worrying about little shit and start laughing. If something large becomes lodged in your rectum then get to a hospital, but if you are 10 minutes late getting home, laugh it off. Now quit reading this shit and check out the rest.

Quick Fact: The Customer Sucks Pages are the most popular in this section. I’ve even been recognized by some of the people that visit the website by the same name… Customers Check them out.