grpsOver the years I’ve had plenty of gripes in my life. Who doesn’t have something to bitch about? Hey, if women can spend so much time bitching because the toilet seat was left up, then why can’t us guys bitch about something too? And much like a woman’s bitching, mine is mostly over trivial bullshit as well.

The pages that this one connects to are just a handful of the things that piss me off these days. Of course the list goes on and on and probably will never stop until I do. The only problem I’m having is to get everything wrote down on the site. I don’t know if I have enough space on here to put down everything that pisses me off. In fact, I don’t think the internet could hold such thoughts.

Quick fact: The Wal Mart sucks page is the one that is found the most through search engines more than any of my other gripes. I’ve gotten two emails about the Wal Mart thing, although both emails were apparently written by either 12 year old AOL losers or retarded monkeys punching keys. Either way, enjoy all the gripes and especially the one about Wal mart.