Germs & Viruses

germsAre you scared of germs and viruses? Do you think the only ones to worry about are Anthrax and Smallpox? Take a look at the news the last year and a half. The two things getting the most attention were the West Nile Virus and SARS. Why are these viruses not being taken care of by our immune system?

I think we’ve really fucked ourselves with all these chemicals for cleaning. It seems it all started ten years or so ago. Why does everything have to be so damn clean anyway? I have no problem with cleanliness, but like everything else in this country we’ve gone way overboard. Go into your kitchen now and look under your sink at your cleaning chemicals for example. There is no need for a 99.9% germ killer. You realize that if it is only killing 99.9% of the germs in your kitchen then math should tell you that there is .1% of germs that are already immune to your precious Lysol. Now you are pissing off that .1% and every time you spray it down, it is mutating and evolving. What do you think is going to happen in 20 years when these germs mutate even more? We’ll be killing 98% of the germs and so on. Perhaps if we weren’t trying to kill all these germs things like E. coli and Salmonella wouldn’t have gotten so bad. I don’t remember worrying about shit like that when I was younger. When I was a kid, if the Mayonnaise sat on the counter all day it just meant your sandwich would be a little warmer, but you didn’t get sick from it and you surely didn’t wind up in the hospital. I remember on Easter when I would find the Easter Eggs they would sit on the table all day long, and we would still eat them. Nobody died from that. Sure you might get some nasty shits but you took some Pepto Bismol and that was the end of it. Apparently I was brought up when the Immune System was still being used and we didn’t kill everything with an antibacterial agent. If the dog shit on the floor when I was a kid, you got a paper towel and you cleaned it up. There was no spraying with disinfectant or antibacterial sprays. It wasn’t until the children of the late 80’s that we became such pussies about germs. Half of them don’t even have an effective immune system.

Your immune system is present in your body to help you fight off disease. It is much like the muscles of your body, it’s a use it or lose it situation. Ever since this sterilization of children’s lives have started they are getting weaker and weaker. They have to wash their hands every time they get something on them, if they get a cut it’s cleaned right away and some triple antibiotic ointment gets put on it. Most kids are bathing every day too. It’s overkill and totally unnecessary. What in the hell does a child do that they need bathing everyday? Until I was around the age of twelve I bathed every three days. Any child under the age of ten doesn’t need it, so save some water. If you watch a small child with a runny nose, they will stick their tongue up there and lick it. Many children up to the ages of four or five will continue to eat their snot. As disgusting as it may seem you need to realize something; they are building up their immune system by doing this. When you make them stop and then wipe them down with a wet rag or Kleenex you are fucking them over for the future.

If you notice whenever something like SARS or West Nile shows up, the people that are most susceptible are babies (whose immune system hasn’t developed yet) and old people (who just don’t have much of one left because of all the bullshit prescription medications they’ve been forced to take – but that’s another gripe). Most normal people don’t get sick from this, and if you do get sick, you hardly notice it because the symptoms you experience are very minor. I am almost afraid to see what the babies of today will be facing in 20 years or so when the common cold will probably be a killer because everyone’s immune system will be null and void.

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