Disappearing Act

I know I don’t blog very much, but I was shocked that after I wrote the first blog of any length or importance in quite some time, my site crashed and burned. I wrote a blog on the 11th and then when I went to my site to look at something the last entry showing was from February. In the blink of an eye I lost 7 months of blogs, or 6 entries, however you want to count it. When I tried to log into anything using my SQL databases it told me those were moved to a different server. I had to email my webhost and ask them a very simple question: what the fuck?

It turns out my site was moving to a new server and I was witnessing some leftovers at the old location. It took about two days after I bitched and then it was back to normal. I’m just glad that it is back again, now I can get back to ignoring it and not making entries.

Where Was I?

I noticed that I didn’t have a “blog” back in 2001, that didn’t appear until almost a year later. I made my first official blog post on Friday August 16, 2002 shortly after returning from a vacation in Rapid City South Dakota.

I never told my “Where Was I” story, because frankly it wasn’t very interesting; and honestly it still isn’t. Back then I worked as the HBC/GM manager at a little shitty store. It was a job I hated very much, although there are certain aspects I did enjoy very much (that is for a different entry sometime in the future). I worked 8am to 5pm most days at this job, Tuesday was no different. I got up at 6:30 am, turned on KSTP to watch the news while I did my morning rituals getting ready for work. I started at 8am back then and I had about a 20 minute drive so I would have to be out of the house at 7:30 to make it. I still had the TV on and Good Morning America was on and they said they would be talking to Michael Jordon when they got back, and that was the point I shut off the TV and headed out the door for my lovely job. I never listened to the radio back then, I had no reason to. I had a sweet 6 deck CD player in my trunk and that was my entertainment while driving. My task for the day once I got to work; set up Halloween.

By the time I got to work at 7:50, the first plane had already hit the first tower, but I wouldn’t even know that for another half hour or so. If you’ve ever worked in a store or with the public you know that information comes into you incomplete and somewhat distorted. It’s like playing the game grapevine back in school. We had no radio in the store, just piped in music so there was no news coverage. Once all the stories started coming in and I soon realized that I was not going to put 100% into my Halloween set that day, I went to the shelf and pulled one of my radios off and went to the backroom. By the time I did that the Pentagon had also been hit. It was an absolutely crazy day there because it really sucks not knowing what is truly going on. I unfortunately couldn’t stay in the back all day and listen to the radio, I had to go out on the floor and try to look like I was attempting to do some work (let’s face it, after 6 years I had gotten pretty good at that).

A large portion of my product was up near the pharmacy and I would hang out behind the counter sometimes, usually just to escape the floor. They had a radio in there, and I was drawn to it much like anyone that day. The towers collapsed while I was in there and we were listening. I remember the looks of disbelief on some people’s faces that worked there and customers. These weren’t young people either; these were people in the late 50’s and early 60’s. These people were alive when Kennedy was killed; they were around for Vietnam… I had a reason to be freaked; I was only 27 and had never experienced anything like that before.
I actually drove 20 miles home for lunch that day so I could see some television coverage because I wanted to get a better grip on what was happening. Watching the news really didn’t help either because no one really knew what was going on. We knew what happened, but didn’t know what was really going on.
I don’t remember much about the remainder of the day at work. I think I spent over 90% of it in the back room. I had a lot of phone calls that day from friends who wanted to discuss the day’s events. The one thing that did stick in my mind was when I came home that night and saw the lines of cars at the gas station. I had only seen that in hurricane coverage on television.

The next morning when I got to the town I worked in, I saw the gas stations had no amounts on their signs. When I got into work I heard from the people that lived in the town that the stations changed their prices multiple times during the day and night and took the numbers down after they went over $5 a gallon… and that is my boring 9/11 story; although I’m sure people with frontline stories would be more than willing to trade stories anyday.

Now or Never

July is almost over and I figure I better do my obligatory blog entry for the month. The deck is complete, for now. That means that the deck itself is complete, but I still want to put some lattice underneath to hide the ugliness that comes from under the deck and I want to do some landscaping around the deck. Just remember, the more landscaping you do means the less grass you mow.

Now you know my next project, however, I don’t plan on doing much of that until my days reach more of an average of 70 degrees, not this 90 to 100 bullshit.

The Deck

I have been buidling a deck the last couple weekends. I took off early from work a few days and worked around rainy days, but I have a deck. Now I just have to build the railings and put steps on it. It does feel good to be able to walk out of my patio door now.

I would say that once the deck is finished that I will be online more and post more, but shit… we all know better than that.

Give Me an L, Give Me an A, Give Me a… fuck it, I’m Watching TV

So, the busyness continues, yet so does the lackluster ability to give a shit and the wanton need to sit around and do nothing. This leads me to believe that I am the busiest lazy person you may know.

My patio door is in, but now I need to put a door in the back of the garage. It’s not that I really need a back door there, but since I have seamless steel siding on my house, it will take up the space that the old door did so I don’t have to reside the entire house. All of this is completely planned out in my head, but isn’t done. There is also the matter of building the deck, but that can’t be done until this door and siding project is done. That means that I have to get my ass off the couch once in a while and do it. Finding the motivation to get to the end of this project is becoming very trying. Where are those assholes from HGTV or the DIY Network that show up and do this shit for you? You can record it, I don’t care… just fix it.

My plan is to do this stuff over the weekend, however I don’t know since it may rain again this weekend. You know, rain, like it has been doing since yesterday.
There is also the matter of my left wrist injury. I probably shouldn’t’ call it an injury since I can’t pinpoint when I would have hurt it. I just know when I do certain things like write or type that it hurts like hell. Luckily it only hurts from the start of the ring and pinky finger down to the wrist and then shoots up the arm when I twist it wrong. That is very awesome.

I’m sure I could type more shit, but really, what’s been going on around here? Oh that’s right, we shot Osama. I say we because it makes me feel like part of the team, although all I did was sit on the couch relaxing and then partially freaking out when it’s announced the president is going to make a special announcement late on a Sunday… holy shit, bombs are coming, time to get wasted. Of course almost 2 weeks later and we still hear about it every day. I try not to read about it too much though; I can’t take the news sites. Not because of the news itself, but because of all the idiots that comment on the stories. Today while I was supposed to be working I stumbled over to Fox News . There is an article over there all about how the White House invited rapper Common over. Wow is that a shit storm of controversy all of the sudden. However, I didn’t see any mention of when George HW Bush invited Eazy E to the White House back in 1991. You know Eazy E, a member of the group NWA, with the controversial song Fuck the Police? Really… what the fuck FOX?

What The Hell?

Why is it the longer I live, the more retarded other people get? It’s not only regular people, it’s everyone. I haven’t seen it lately, but what the fuck is up with Gain detergent using the word gooder in a commercial? Let’s totally fuck the language here and make a stupid commercial.

Then there are the idiots making products we don’t need. Dawn dish soap with Oil of Olay lotion in it… we don’t need this shit. I don’t want lotion all over my dishes. If your hands dry out because you are washing dishes then either wear gloves or put on some lotion when you’re done. How lazy are we in this country that we can’t open two separate bottles. Hell, if I have to open the cap on my dish soap, I’m surely not going to have the energy to pump lotion into my hands… and forget rubbing it in.

Our attention span is so short, possibly from information overload. I know this was a little over a month ago, but does anyone remember all the dead birds and fish? Yeah, that’s what I figured. Everyone was crying apocalypse and government cover-ups and UFO’s not too long ago, but oh shit, Lindsey Lohan steals something and that is our new attention grabbing item for this month. What a bunch of shit that is. No wonder I hate the news, if it isn’t getting them ratings then it isn’t worth their time. Fucking sellouts.

Speaking of sellouts, when is Facebook going to crash and burn? MySpace is in trouble already, possibly going down, and I feel Facebook will follow. MySpace started as some site to promote your band, and then a bunch of people jumped the wagon and decided they wanted to be on there as well. Then… and this was the beginning of the end; it got commercialized. Suddenly every movie coming out and every new product had a MySpace account and wanted you to join them there. The over commercialization of anything will kill it. Once the big money started coming into MySpace, then it started to really suck ass and people began to bail. Now Facebook is heading down that same path. What started out as some shitty college idea to bang chicks and spy on everyone on campus grew to this giant network of people and now has sold out and is now on its decline… and may I add; good riddance.