Thursday, September 19

Some old lady today decided to tell me that this generic bubble bath we sell is her favorite. Now not only did I really not give a shit, but now I have this horrible image of some 80 year old woman taking a bubble bath. God damn I wish therapy was free.

I am filling out a survey for my job. Here is what I put in for my comments: “I hate my job and I hate this company. I have worked in this store for 7 1/2 years and since Nash Finch has taken over it has gone straight to hell. I have no ill feelings towards my coworkers because they feel the same way I do. I have worked in other stores owned by Nash and this feeling is there also. Reward and praise is nonexistent. The only time our job is commented on is when it’s negative feedback. I have not been given a review or raise for the past 3 1/2 years, which just happens to be the same time Nash took over. This store used to be like a family, with the small town/store attitude. Now we just show up to get paid. The latest threat from corporate was if we didn’t meet our labor, we would be fired: good morale raiser huh? For a company that expects us to bend over backwards for our customers – they don’t know how to treat their employees.”

Wednesday, September 18

Do you know what today was? It was the one week anniversary of the one year anniversary of 9/11/01. Just thought I’d throw that one at you.

Saw on the news now that some study in England says Multiple Sclerosis may be sexually transmitted. Damn, and you thought you were having trouble getting laid before. Here muppets are getting AIDS, and you’re getting MS. Remember when the worst that could happen was you might get pregnant? Maybe a case of the itch’s. I think it’s a government plot to get us to stop having sex. I’m waiting for them to say that masturbation causes cancer. Well, at least we’ll all be fucked then.

Tuesday, September 17

Well, it’s Tuesday!!

Ok, not as much excitement as if it was Friday huh?

So what’s been goin on in the news lately? Iraq? Nah, who gives a shit about that, if you want to hear about that, go to CNN or something.

Here’s some news I heard. On the Africa version of Sesame Street, there is going to be an HIV positive muppet on the show. Well I guess it goes without saying to always wear a condom when you’re fucking a muppet! Where does a muppet get AIDS from anyway? My first guess would be the guy that has his hand up it’s ass all day long, but I’m not a doctor.

Sunday, September 15

Wow, has it been that long since I did this? Oh well, no big loss. Found this very interesting tidbit in the news, thought I’d pass it along.

LEICESTER, England (Reuters) – Sex was first recognized in the fossil records more than 500 million years ago and the oldest known penis is about 100 million years old, a conference heard on Friday. Ok, they actually had a conference on a 100 million year old penis? That is just too damn funny just makes me laugh. “To my knowledge it is the oldest penis. I don’t know of any older,” Professor David Siveter, of the University of Leicester, told the British Association science conference.

And here I thought that Bob Hope held that title. Shows what I know. Sounds like Guiness Book Record material to me. In fact the ostracod fossil had not one penis but two. Gee and there’s another record. I can see the cloning/genetic splicing going on right now. Man grows second penis!! Oh well, its better news than I’m getting on CNN nowadays!

Wednesday, September 11

Know what I did? I shut my stupid TV off.

I have had it, I do believe that somewhere in your mind, there is an overload circuit that can only take oh so much reflections from one year ago. Tonight on one of the local channels there was a moment of silence, then after that, it said “this moment of silence was brought to you by Arby’s” Well isn’t that special? Corporate sponsored moments of silence. Who isn’t making money off this tragedy? I think I have seen just about everyone’s story now from where they were or what they were doing on that day. Even the Weather Channel is doing some looking back on it. I kinda thought television was a form of escapism, but not today, not even for a little bit.

Tuesday, September 10


Set up Halloween today, and had five people make some kind of comment about it. I think the lull in conversation is due to tomorrow. That’s right, anything out of the ordinary, blame it on September 11, 2001. Hopefully nothing will happen this year.

I watched the news tonight, and they go… we are on an orange alert (the second highest), but please – go on with your lives. Don’t be afraid. We will all be in underground bunkers until the 12th… but please, go on with your lives as normal.

Guess what I got? I got a fuckin’ cold! I suppose that box of Kleenex was just sitting around collecting dust in my bathroom, might as well use em up! So far I am toughing it out without medicine. Unless I get into some serious head pain or throat soreness, I don’t want any medicine. Well, guess I’ll go to bed now (by the way it is 55 degrees out tonight as opposed to the 75 it was last night at this time!) Fuckin’ weather.

Monday, September 9

This weather is annoying. It’s been like 70 degrees, now it’s about 90 degrees, and by next weekend it’s only gonna be in the 60’s for a high.

Went and applied for two new jobs today. It is almost to the point where I want to tell them to fuck off and just walk out pretty soon.

Halloween tomorrow. I was really hoping to not be working there by this time, but unfortunately that didn’t happen, so I get to put up Halloween again.

Maybe by Xmas! Some days I hate my job, other days I’m off!

Friday, September 6

TGIMFF! That’s right, it’s Friday – finally. Why is it that these 4 day work weeks seem to last a hell of a lot longer than the 5 day work weeks? I never could understand it.

Had another wonderful round of lightning/thunder last night. Hey, sleep is overrated anyway isn’t it? Actually, compared to being in a pop up camper, last night was rather relaxing.

I get to set up Halloween next week at the store, and as you can tell, I’m over excited. Of course, we have to get through the 1 year anniversary of September 11th. For this event my company has taken it upon themselves to load me up with patriotic merchandise. Now I don’t have any problem selling that, but I think it is a little crass, perhaps even wrong to be making a profit off our times greatest tragedy. Hey, 3000 people were killed last year, buy a flag! On the brighter side, I will try to count how many fuckin’ people say “Halloween Already?” when I set up this year, and I will report it here!

I saw that chick from American Idol last night on Jay Leno, hmmm… wonder which position she was in to get into the position she’s in now?

Thursday, September 5

Not a whole lot happening today. I knew I told you too much on Tuesday!

Dammit anyway.

What the hell is the deal with this American Idol bullshit? Who really gives a shit who won? Like we really didn’t know the hot chick would win over white afro boy anyway.

This was one of the top stories on the news!! Aren’t we at war or something here? Does this country really have nothing better to do than bury itself in that pathetic garbage of a show? Well, I have to go now, wrestling is on.

Tuesday, September 3

Wow, has it really almost been a week since I blogged? Musta been super busy or something like that.

I went camping this weekend, Fri, Sat, Sun night. It was pretty cool aside from the whole Sunday Night storms. I’d say from about 11pm to 5am it was a nonstop rumble/crackle/rain & hail event. On a scale of 1 – 10 Prozac’s, I’d have to rate that an 8.

Camping itself was fun, although a good tip is to be within 50 feet of a bathroom. Although walking a half mile to take a piss is a good form of bladder control.

Had a tornado rip through a small town about 40 miles from here. Pretty much totally destroyed the town. That is the second major tornado in two years that has destroyed a town near us. Last year it was Siren, WI, this year Ladysmith. I better not write too much more or I will have nothing else to say in the next couple of days.