LCD Television; Round Two

In order to enjoy the title of the blog, you will have to disregard the fact that I bought a 32” LCD television for my bedroom about six months ago…

If you’re a longtime reader of my blog, you may remember my ShopNBC disaster of purchasing an LCD television back in 2006. I purchased some piece of shit television with a weird ass name brand of Protron or Spectron or some weirdness. Regardless of what it was called, it might as well have been called “shit”, because that’s what it was. Since it was over four years ago, I don’t remember all the details, aside from what I wrote in the blog back then, I do seem to remember it cost me $1,899 for 42” of non-working LCD, which I did luckily get back from those bastards… but I hold no ill will; oh wait, yes I do.

Anyway, four years later, I have decided to once again attempt to replace my living room television with an LCD. This time I went larger and opted for a 60” LCD television. I purchased locally, and a recognizable brand name, no odd named bullshit from a slick talking asshole on a home shopping network. I have had the television for almost a week now, so I am hoping this one makes it well past the eight day mark the shitty one did. I am counting on it doing so, since I bought a sweet stand for it (not really feeling comfortable mounting a 60” to my wall) and I upgraded my cable package to the HD bundle. HD is so fucking awesome; I can watch utter bullshit and be amazed because it is so crystal clear.

What other things that are going on around here? We had a major snowstorm last weekend, well over a foot of snow dumped on us in one day, and now we are looking at round two to hit tomorrow. We are looking at close to 9” tomorrow now. I think winter has more than made it’s point, time to move on; it’s not even the first day of winter.

The pool table project is looking to become a basement remodel project… more to come on that shit as it develops.

And it Begins

Finally on a full week of vacation.Of course it technically started on Friday when I left work, but I’m always off the weekends so it didn’t feel like it.

What to do, what to do. I have a very large list of things to do, but I also just purchased Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii. That is one of the advantages of being single I guess, there is nobody pushing you to do that list… and I’m not very self motivated at the moment.

Well it is a little after 7 on my first day of vacation, I think the only logical thing to do is go back to bed for an hour or so. I need to be rested if I am going to play video games all day long.

Who Zunes?

Ah, the day after turning back the clocks. This is not only the day I can count on the sun going away earlier and making the day feel really short, but I can also count on anytime time is brought up for people to say… “old time or new time?” There is nothing better to hear than that, because you have to think about it for a second or two. I say, I woke up at 8 this morning… then they say, 8am new time or old time? Then I have to think about whether I turned that clock or not. Making me think on a Sunday morning is usually not a good idea. Then later I was at Kwik Trip and got to hear the cashier talking to a customer about the time change and she goes… we get an extra hour of sunlight tonight at least; and I’m thinking only if you turned your clock the wrong fucking way. I didn’t correct her because I don’t really give a shit, which I think should be obvious by now.

I went through my blog comments like I do every other week or so, what the hell is up with all the spam comments telling me how awesome the Microsoft Zune is. Do they even still make the Zune? If so, I was not aware. I don’t know who would spam blogs and shit anyway, like anyone comes here for advice on what to buy.

Today I decided to make a list of shit I want to do around the house. I didn’t realize that I had that many things I wanted to work on around here. I am going to be a busy sunofabitch for the next few weeks, or months depending on how quickly I can work. I should get to that list, but I think I will instead just relax and sit on my ass. Besides, it is almost 10pm, time to go to bed… is that new time or old time?

I Took Two Showers Today

Ah Saturday, it’s the fun day, the first day of your two days off and the day you can truly enjoy. Sunday sucks because you know that Monday is right around the corner, but you can cherish a Saturday. However, this Saturday I spent putting insulation in my basement. I got up and showered in the morning, then washed some clothes and decided that I should do something productive today. I ended up putting insulation into my basement since there was none yet. There is nothing more fun than cutting 8” pieces of insulation and putting them up. By the time four hours was up and I was so damn itchy I had to go upstairs and take another shower. What the hell, two showers in one day? What am I; a coal miner, male prostitute, caramel factory employee? Seriously, what a way to wreck a Saturday, now if I was going on a date or something, then yeah, that might warrant a second shower… not that being covered in nasty, itchy carcinogenic fiberglass isn’t, just a pain in the ass.

Oh joy; tomorrow night we turn the clocks back an hour. I can’t wait for that to happen. Not only do I get one extra hour of sleep on a day I could sleep in if I wanted to, I get to lose my sunlight an extra hour early. Not to mention the bullshit tasks involved as well, changing all of those clocks. Aside from my cell phone and computers, everything else had to be done manually.

You Hate Leaves

It’s Saturday and I’m sitting on my ass on my couch with my laptop and a friend’s laptop going at the same time. I’m researching and playing on mine and fixing the other. Well I look out the window and I see my older neighbor outside in her bath robe raking leaves. Ok, it is 9am, why the hell are you outside in a robe raking? I don’t want to see that. Put some clothes on. This is the same neighbor that wears bikinis while mowing the lawn. Do you not realize that I have windows and don’t want to see that shit? It’s like a bad accident, you see it and it’s bad, but you still look in disbelief. This ranks up there with the old men that are outside without shirts and their moobs are hanging out. Seriously, don’t you fuckers own mirrors? I keep my ass covered because I know people don’t want to see this shit. Maybe I’m just too curious. Maybe I’ll go get my mail in some speedos this afternoon, but that would involve me going and buying speedos, and I just don’t have that kind of time on my hands right now.

Today will involve finishing fixing this computer, going to Menards to buy some more shit I probably don’t need and begin the basement cleaning. I swear my basement is about three boxes away from looking like it belongs on that show Hoarders. Speaking of that show, I love it. Anytime I feel shitty about my house cleaning abilities, I just turn on an episode of Hoarders and think to myself… at least I don’t find cat carcasses when I am cleaning. Fuckin’ sweet.

I am patiently awaiting winter, and trying to make time slow down because 40 is approaching faster than ever. 37 this month already, holy shit; I swear I was just slacking off like hell at high school not too long ago, but now my 20 year reunion is coming up next year. I’m about due for my midlife crisis anytime now. I’ll have to roll the dice pretty soon on that one, c’mon convertible and slutty girl… ah shit, I got Rogaine and Prozac.

The Pool Table Project

I needed something else to do, as you can tell I’m extremely bored and all. A couple weekends ago my cousin was at a garage sale and there was a pool table for free with all accessories. Obviously it isn’t a top of the line pool table, but it is a slate top. All pieces are now sitting in my basement awaiting my free time.

Have I mentioned I don’t have much of that anymore? So over the winter I figured I would want something to do and this fit the bill. I now have a table to assemble, not to mention rehab. I forgot to mention that part didn’t I? The base and legs are very stable, but the decorative boards that go around it aren’t the best of shape, so I will probably buy new boards for that. Like I said, it’s going to be a winter project. I’m thinking black table with red felt.

What else is going on? Oh yeah, we had a heavy frost already. Luckily I was done with my other projects so my garage was once again my garage and not my workshop. I refuse to have to scrape my damn windows if I own a garage dammit. That only means that snow is not far behind, and all I can say is bring it on.

Project Number 2,482

Well, apparently I never learn. Here I busted my ass last year putting new flooring in all but two rooms of my house and redid the entire kitchen. Now almost a year later here I am again, embarking on more home improvement projects. This time I am changing out two old closets in my house for more modern looking, not to mention better functioning ones. The hall closet was a small one, with a tiny door at the bottom and a large door on top of that. There is no reason for that shit in 2010. My closet in my bedroom was also split, with low sliding doors at the bottom and then located inconveniently out of reach were two doors at the top. What was the point of that? Did people used to store linen up there or something? I totally gutted that and am reframing it and sheet rocking it so I can put a normal bi-fold door up. That way I will be able to look at my entire closet instead of just half of it. I was probably only dressing up in the clothes I could see, what a waste.

I still have other projects on my mind too, because I either like having no cash flow or don’t like sitting down very much. I think it’s about time some of those people with shows on HGTV show their asses up at my house and help me out.

It’s Been a Year Already

Holy hell, I’ve lived in my new house for a whole year already. I guess that means it’s not a new house anymore. The fact that it was built in the early 60’s means it wasn’t new when I moved in either. Well dammit; it was new to me at the time.

Ripping the entire kitchen out and revamping it helped keep it fresh for me. Now I get a new roof in the next couple weeks. I already got my insurance check, just got to wait for the guy to bring me over some shingle samples and that will be done. I am going to change the color of the roof as long as I’m at it. I’m thinking of going with a brown color instead of the grey that is up there now. I guess we’ll see when I finally see samples and make up my mind. Of course, once that is done I want to paint all of the trim, so there goes my fun time.

What else is going on? I know; the weather. What the hell is up with this lately? First we are hotter than I remember, and we are getting more severe weather than ever; then it turns cold and we are having lows in the lower 50’s… make up your damn mind weather.

I’d rather have a Dirty Street

We had our second round of severe weather Tuesday night this week. We didn’t have the hail storm but did get some serious tree snapping leave destroying winds. All of that shit is fine and dandy and nothing of mine got destroyed this time around, however it did leave a mess of the roads again.

Luckily, my city cleaned my streets. Unfortunately, they cleaned my street at 1:30 in the fucking morning. Why would you clean the streets at that time of the morning? If it was just the little truck with the spinning brushes on it, it would have been one thing. No… they had out the big ass vacuum truck out working on my streets. I believe they made about 4 passes by my house, and then proceeded to back up several times to get the side streets. So add on top of the noise of a huge ass vacuum the noise of a backup beeper loud enough to be heard over the vacuum… Yeah, I was up for a few hours this morning. There is nothing more I like that being woke up thinking a jet is crashing in front of the house.

Now I need to get my ass to bed and hope I can get some sleep tonight. I hope they don’t clean the streets again.