Are You a Loser?

loser2There are many different people in this world. There are different races, different cultures, different beliefs etc… There is one thread that brings us all together a little closer. We all have our share of losers. It is one of the things that transcends cultures. In case you are worried that you may be a loser, use this handy list to see if you have any of these traits.

  • Your imaginary friend won’t even talk to you.
  • Your cats seem to like you – all 42 of them.
  • You’ve dressed like a Star Wars character… and it was nowhere near Halloween.
  • Cheating on your girlfriend means you’re using your other hand tonight.
  • You learned all the moves so you can dance just like N Sync.
  • You’ve seen Lord of the Rings 147 times… this week.
  • You always refer to water as H2O, and then remind us what that stands for.
  • Hey Bucky, horn rimmed glasses went out in the early 60’s.
  • You’re as smart as Bill Gates, but without those sexy billions.
  • You tried to get a job at a daycare so you could watch Dora the Explorer without anyone getting suspicious.
  • A prostitute tells you – “Let’s just be friends.”
  • You always get the last word, usually because you’re talking to yourself.
  • You’ve attempted suicide 45 times… see you can’t even get that right.
  • You really read Playboy just for the articles.
  • You think America’s Funniest Home Videos has lost its edge since Bob Saget isn’t on there anymore.
  • You claim to have been abducted by aliens, although people that know you assume you shoved that probe up your ass yourself.
  • You play fighting games on your PS2 alone with both controllers so you can always win.

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